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Are you finding it hard to convert teaspoons to tablespoons? You’re not alone! While this conversion may seem simple, it cannot be very clear. Fortunately, this guide will shed some light on this topic. We’ll discuss the conversion process, explore the definitions of a teaspoon and tablespoon, and provide a handy conversion table. Let’s dive in!

What is a Teaspoon?

Firstly, let’s define what a teaspoon is. The teaspoon is a unit of volume primarily used in cooking and baking. It’s approximately equal to 4.929 milliliters but in nutrition labeling, one teaspoon is rounded to exactly 5 milliliters.

Teaspoons are denoted in various ways such as tsp, t, ts, or tspn. So, when you see something like 1 tsp, 1 t, 1 ts, or 1 tspn, they all refer to one teaspoon.

What is a Tablespoon?

Now, let’s move to the tablespoon. It’s a unit of volume that is equivalent to three teaspoons or ½ fluid ounce. One tablespoon equates to about 14.7868 milliliters, but in nutrition labeling, it’s rounded to 15 milliliters.

Similar to teaspoons, tablespoons have multiple abbreviations. You might see it written as 1 tbsp, 1 T, 1 Tbls, or 1 Tb.

Conversion from Teaspoons to Tablespoons

Now that we know what a teaspoon and tablespoon are, let’s discuss how to convert between the two. As we already mentioned, one tablespoon is equal to 3 teaspoons. So, to convert teaspoons to tablespoons, you’ll need to divide the number of teaspoons by three. This formula shows the process:

codetablespoons = teaspoons ÷ 3

The result is the volume in tablespoons.

For instance, to convert 5 teaspoons to tablespoons, here’s how the formula works:

codetablespoons = (5 tsp ÷ 3) = 1.666667 tbsp

Conversion Table for Quick Reference

For your convenience, we’ve prepared a conversion table that shows various teaspoon measurements and their equivalent in tablespoons.

Here’s the complete conversion table from 1 to 100 teaspoons to tablespoons. Remember, 1 tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons.

1 tsp0.33 tbsp
2 tsp0.67 tbsp
3 tsp1 tbsp
4 tsp1.33 tbsp
5 tsp1.67 tbsp
6 tsp2 tbsp
7 tsp2.33 tbsp
8 tsp2.67 tbsp
9 tsp3 tbsp
10 tsp3.33 tbsp
11 tsp3.67 tbsp
12 tsp4 tbsp
13 tsp4.33 tbsp
14 tsp4.67 tbsp
15 tsp5 tbsp
16 tsp5.33 tbsp
17 tsp5.67 tbsp
18 tsp6 tbsp
19 tsp6.33 tbsp
20 tsp6.67 tbsp
21 tsp7 tbsp
22 tsp7.33 tbsp
23 tsp7.67 tbsp
24 tsp8 tbsp
25 tsp8.33 tbsp
26 tsp8.67 tbsp
27 tsp9 tbsp
28 tsp9.33 tbsp
29 tsp9.67 tbsp
30 tsp10 tbsp
31 tsp10.33 tbsp
32 tsp10.67 tbsp
33 tsp11 tbsp
34 tsp11.33 tbsp
35 tsp11.67 tbsp
36 tsp12 tbsp
37 tsp12.33 tbsp
38 tsp12.67 tbsp
39 tsp13 tbsp
40 tsp13.33 tbsp
41 tsp13.67 tbsp
42 tsp14 tbsp
43 tsp14.33 tbsp
44 tsp14.67 tbsp
45 tsp15 tbsp
46 tsp15.33 tbsp
47 tsp15.67 tbsp
48 tsp16 tbsp
49 tsp16.33 tbsp
50 tsp16.67 tbsp
51 tsp17 tbsp
52 tsp17.33 tbsp
53 tsp17.67 tbsp
54 tsp18 tbsp
55 tsp18.33 tbsp
56 tsp18.67 tbsp
57 tsp19 tbsp
58 tsp19.33 tbsp
59 tsp19.67 tbsp
60 tsp20 tbsp
61 tsp20.33 tbsp
62 tsp20.67 tbsp
63 tsp21 tbsp
64 tsp21.33 tbsp
65 tsp21.67 tbsp
66 tsp22 tbsp
67 tsp22.33 tbsp
68 tsp22.67 tbsp
69 tsp23 tbsp
70 tsp23.33 tbsp
71 tsp23.67 tbsp
72 tsp24 tbsp
73 tsp24.33 tbsp
74 tsp24.67 tbsp
75 tsp25 tbsp
76 tsp25.33 tbsp
77 tsp25.67 tbsp
78 tsp26 tbsp
79 tsp26.33 tbsp
80 tsp26.67 tbsp
81 tsp27 tbsp
82 tsp27.33 tbsp
83 tsp27.67 tbsp
84 tsp28 tbsp
85 tsp28.33 tbsp
86 tsp28.67 tbsp
87 tsp29 tbsp
88 tsp29.33 tbsp
89 tsp29.67 tbsp
90 tsp30 tbsp
91 tsp30.33 tbsp
92 tsp30.67 tbsp
93 tsp31 tbsp
94 tsp31.33 tbsp
95 tsp31.67 tbsp
96 tsp32 tbsp
97 tsp32.33 tbsp
98 tsp32.67 tbsp
99 tsp33 tbsp
100 tsp33.33 tbsp

Imperial vs. Metric Measurements

It’s important to mention that teaspoons and tablespoons are units of volume used worldwide, but their measurements vary depending on the system of measurement in use. The United States, Liberia, and Myanmar use the imperial system, while the rest of the world uses the metric system.

Here’s how the measurements differ:

  • In the imperial system, 1 tablespoon equals ½ fluid ounce (14.79 milliliters)
  • In the metric system, a metric tablespoon equals exactly 15 mL
  • An Australian tablespoon equals 20 mL (0.68 US fluid ounces) even though Australia uses the metric system
  • One U.S. teaspoon equals ⅙ fluid ounce (4.93 mL), slightly less than the 5-mL metric teaspoon

Despite these differences, American and metric measuring spoons can be easily interchanged without significantly altering a recipe.

The Role of Spoons in Cooking

Tablespoons and teaspoons are handy for measuring smaller amounts of ingredients (e.g., spices, oils, vanilla extract) that wouldn’t be practical to weigh on a scale or measure in cups. They are essential to cooking and baking, used in both the metric and imperial systems.

Conversions for Cooking Measurements

Memorizing the conversion between tablespoons and teaspoons will save you a lot of time when cooking or baking. Here are some common conversions you might find useful:

  • 1 U.S. tablespoon = 3 U.S. teaspoons
  • ½ U.S. tablespoon = 1½ U.S. teaspoons
  • 1 U.S. tablespoon = 12 U.S. ¼ teaspoons
  • 3 U.S. tablespoons = 9 U.S. teaspoons
  • ¼ U.S. cup = 4 tablespoons

A Word on Dessert Spoons and Other Units

You might have also come across the term ‘dessert spoon.’ It’s a unit of volume used in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. At 10 mL, it’s between a tablespoon and a teaspoon in size.

Furthermore, it’s also helpful to know the equivalent of tablespoons in other units. For instance, a stick of butter in the U.S. is typically 4 ounces (113.40 grams), or 8 tablespoons. Hence, half a stick of butter equals 4 tablespoons.

Finally, it’s worth noting that since tablespoons measure volume, not mass, the weight of a spoonful of sugar will vary depending on the type of sugar you’re using. Generally, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar weighs about 12½ grams.

Wrapping Up

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